It's a mat that everyone has seen in a bar somewhere!

The Safewalk premium is one of our most versatile mats. With its drainable holes and 12mm thickness, this mat is great for outside entrances or staff standing all day serving customers.

This mat comes in Black for areas that need matting that is grease resistant and Terracotta for areas that have a lot of grease such as kitchens as it is grease proof. Workmate comes in three sizes (one size in Terracotta) and can easily be hosed clean and hung out to dry.

The uses for this mat are unlimited. All mats have bevelled edging on all 4 sides to prevent trip hazards.


600mm x 900mm (Black)

900mm x 1500mm (Black or Terracotta)

900mm x 3000mm (Black)


Colours:Black (grease resistant) or Terracotta (grease-proof)
Warranty:1 year Conditional