The 24/Seven Nitrile Mat with Holes is an all-purpose mat that drains falling liquids.

Made with drainage holes, this interlocking matting is suited to wet areas where custom sizes may be required. This exceptional value mat is conveniently sized for workstations at 900mm x 900mm, but is designed to comfortably fit in large custom sized areas. Its hidden interlocking system connects on all four sides creating large mats without additional connectors.

These mats are also Nitrile Rubber making them grease proof and resistant to most chemicals, with optional Yellow or Black 75mm wide, bevelled edging so there are no trips or falls.

The 24/Seven Nitrile Mat with Holes is not only spongy and durable, but heavy enough not to lift off the floor, making it great for winding assembly lines as you can change course and keep going.


900mm x 900mm Linkable Modules
75mm x 990mm - bevelled edge


Colours:Mat - Black, Edging: Black or Yellow
Warranty:2 year Conditional