Q & A

Can you help with mats for unusual areas?

Yes. Send us through the dimension requirements and we will advise you on the best matting.

How long will my mat last?

This depends on how much foot traffic goes across the mat daily. We can advise which mats are suitable for which areas.

My staff are complaining about the concrete. What is the best mat?

We have a range of wet area anti fatigue and dry area anti fatigue mats depending on budget and size we can suit a mat to your needs.

How long will it take to get my mat?

If it is a standard mat we can ship the next day. If it is a custom made mat, manufacturing usually takes about 2 working days but we will advise the exact time when you make the order.

Do you have warranty?

All mats come with a minimum 1 year warranty but some mats come with up to 3 years warranty. This warranty is conditional on use.