FloorProtection Roll Mat No. 690

Entrance Mats


Designed for Supermarkets and many other indoor environments where floor and slip protection is required.

The FloorProtection Roll Mat  sticks to the floor using a light adhesive backing that leaves no residue. This prevents the mat from any movement. It can handle cleaning devices and trolleys. 

It is made from a specially designed PET fibre which is a recycled material that’s highly absorbent and easy to clean. It is designed to be in use for 3-4 months before being disposed of and replaced if required.

Benefits also include that if a section of mat becomes very dirty it can be replaced immediately.
This solution is extremely cost effective and can save considerable costs in comparison other matting products.

The FloorProtection Roll Mat is easy to install using safety knives and a basic cutting tool.


900mm x 30.48mtrs 


- High Traction mat surface provides safe walking surface

- Constructed from durable PET fiber; easy to clean

- Tacki-back adhesive system keeps mats flat and in place – even with wheelchair, cart and buggy traffic; low profile surface reduces tripping hazard

- Moisture barrier keeps liquids from soaking through to the floor

- Quick and easy to install; cut individual mats from roll

- Designed to perform well for 12 weeks under normal use

- Recommended for commercial use on hard floor surfaces, to prevent slips, trips, and falls caused by wet floors.

Surface Fiber Type: Non-woven PET 

Moisture Barrier: Polyester film 

Backing Type: Releasable adhesive

Colour: Charcoal 

Optional extras: Safety cutting knife and cutting board