The Benefits of an Entrance Mat

The Benefits of an Entrance Mat

The Benefits of an Entrance Mat

A potential customer's first impression starts at the front door.

An entrance mat marks the gateway to your business, telling your customers about your brand before they even walk through the door. An entrance mat performs the necessary functional task of keeping your commercial space clean and presentable. The right commercial entrance mat can also be an effective form of marketing while being a safety measure and dirt deterrent. 

 Entrance Mats

What makes a good commercial entrance mat?

commercial entrance mat should show off your office space, protect customers from slipping and stop dirt before it enters your space.

It is important as a business that your entrance mat reflects your brand and welcomes your customers. An entry mat that is grubby sends a message that you are unwilling to invest in your business premises. Damaged mats with edges that curl up or fibres that are worn are hazardous and unwelcoming. 

Entrance Mat

How can a commercial entrance mat in Australia work for your business?

Entrance mats are created to remove mud and debris before it is walked inside.

The Institute of Industrial Launderers states that an effective commercial entry mat can remove 80% of dirt, mud and water. If you have a lot of foot traffic through your door each day, then your entry mat is working hard.

An excellent-quality and well-considered commercial entrance mat is more than just a way to keep your flooring clean. An entry mat can work in several ways to enhance your business. 

Protect your internal flooring.

The best entry mats in Australia are designed to protect your floor spaces.

Carpeted and wooden tiles are particularly susceptible to damage through wear and tear. Customers trekking mud and sand through your space will damage the quality and appearance of soft-wearing floor surfaces. Stopping dirt and debris before they enter your space is key to keeping your commercial workspace pristine.

Stop dust and allergens from entering your premises.

Entrance mats in Australia are effective in stopping dust and allergens that people bring in with their feet. If you are working towards a LEED certification, which is the most widely used green building accreditation in the world, your entrance mat will help to keep the air within the workspace clean and allergen-free. The latest LEED certification recommends that you install 10 to 15 feet of entrance matting in order for a facility to be LEED certified.

Reduce the risk of falls. 

Entrance mats are a safety measure. Effective commercial entrance mats in Australia should absorb water, reducing the risk of falls in wet weather. The next time it is raining hard, consider the dangers that a wet floor in your commercial space can pose for both customers and staff — a good wet area entrance mat stops moisture before it hits your interior spaces.

Promote your brand.

A fabulous entrance mat is a secret weapon in your marketing arsenal. The commercial entrance mat can create the dynamic first impression that you have been looking for. Placing your company logo on the mat is a vibrant way of attracting customers in from the street and welcoming them through your door.

Entrance Mats

Invest in a high-quality entrance mat for your business. 

In the long run, a commercial entry mat in Australia will prove a financial benefit to your business. You will save money that would have been spent on cleaning and replacing tired flooring and avoid compensation claims that may arise from falling on wet surfaces.

The benefit of a commercial entrance mat speaks for itself. It is worth investing in a high-quality mat that will meet the safety and hygiene requirements of your business.

If you have any questions, or require assistance choosing the right mat, please contact us We're here to help!