WaterGuard Logo Inlay

Logo Mats


A logo that is cut into the waffle design matting makes this a crisp clean matting that looks stylish and creates a professional entrance to any business. 

The WaterGuard Logo Inlay mat is extremely durable and has rubber reinforced squares designed to make the mat crush proof. There are a variety of base colours to choose from to make a unique design and is suited to use in any way and is great for high foot traffic. 

This matting is great for recessed areas and has a Nitrile backing for maximum durability. 

You can mix up to 5 colours per mat. A great mat that will remove dirt and debris from shoes before entering any area. 



Surface: Carpet/polypropylene
Backing: Nitrile Rubber 
Thickness: 8mm 
Care: Vacuum, sweep or hose 
Foot Traffic: High 
Area: Wet and Dry 
Edge: Containment Borders 
Cross Sectional: