Being 100% rubber this is a fantastic mat for wet and dry areas and is a fantastic alternative to carpet topped matting. 

It is durable and long lasting with and embedded logo design that won't fade or scratch off over time. 

If you are looking for a mat that can take any type of weather and still come up looking brand new this is the one. Its containment borders and raised circular rubbers remove dirt and debris. 

This mat is suited to both full colour digital print and spot colour artwork and has a maximum artwork design on a black base. 


600m x 850mm 

850mm x 1150mm 

850mm x 1500mm

850mm x 3000mm 

1150mm x 1800mm

1800mm x 1800mm 

1800mm x 2400mm 


Surface: Rubber 
Backing: Rubber 
Thickness: 6mm
Care: Sweep, shake or hose
Foot Traffic: High 
Area: Wet and Dry 
Edge: Containment Borders 
Cross Sectional: