How to clean your entrance mats

How to clean your entrance mats

With 80% of the dirt and grime found in a building tracking its way inside on peoples footwear, commercial entrance mats should be the first line of defence to stop mud, dirt, debris and moisture from entering a building.

While entrance mats can be effective to keep your entrance clean and safe, and help to protect the longevity of your floors, to allow for the best long term results it is important to keep your mats clean and well maintained.

We get a lot of questions from our clients about the best ways to clean entrance mats, so we have put this article together to give you some points to consider and our best suggestions. 

1. Vacuum, sweep or hose down the face of the mat regularly - Consistency is the key. Having a regular cleaning routine will help to keep your entrance mat clean and attractive, last longer, and promote a healthier indoor environment.

All the dirt, grit and debris should be removed daily. Carpet top mats can be vacuumed, while rubber surface mats can be swept with a broom or hosed down if necessary.

2. Positioning is important - Entrance mats are not all created equal. Some are specifically designed to be outdoor entrance mats with materials that perform and last well in outdoor conditions. If you have an indoor entrance mat, be sure to keep it inside as sunlight and rain can impact the quality of longevity of the mat.

With both indoor and outdoor on a clean dry floor free of dirt, sand, grit, or detergent residues. If a mat has been rolled up for some time, lay it out safely in direct sunlight for an hour or two until it’s completely flat.

3. Clean under the mat regularly - The floor beneath the mat must be clean of any dirt. This reduces the movement, and allows moisture to escape from underneath, which is more hygienic and helps avoid nasty smells.

Entrance mats should have specially designed backing options to suit a range of surfaces and environments. If a mat is placed on a shiny, slippery floor or even on some carpeted surfaces the mat may move and should be secured. We recommend Stay ‘n’ Place tabs to help keep certain entrance mats in place. 

4. Periodical spot cleaning - Some dirt and mud stains cannot always be removed with a daily clean. If you are noticing a build up, particularly on carpet top entrance mats, we recommend spot cleaning the impacted areas with a mild detergent and a damp cloth. Try to avoid all harsh cleaning products with carpet top mats.

5. Machine washable mats - Gently roll your mat to fit into your washing machine and delicate machine wash seperately using mild detergent. We recommend using the natural, eco friendly cleaning products that do not contain oxidizing bleaches, chlorine or brightening agents.

Large mats are heavy when wet and we recommend you check the load limit on your machine. Tumble dry at a low heat as part of the processing cycle or allow the mat to dry naturally.

6. Drying your floor mat - Always lay the mat flat to dry. Avoid folding the mat when moving it. The best method to move a mat is to roll it up whenever possible. Allow the mat to dry completely before putting it back in place. Try to avoid damage to the mat’s edges while storing or drying.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss more detailed cleaning instructions, contact our friendly team here at Matting Solutions.

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