Weekly, Daily or hourly advertising just got simple.

The DeskWindo® Series 5 is a table top advertisement with removable posters that you can change as frequently as required. Keeping your promotions fresh and relevant.

This clear window faced poster display is ideal for use on busy retail counters. Great for promotional use and for product placement, this mat is water resistant and safe for use in food areas. 

It has a matte finish that can be easily cleaned and an anti-slip base so it doesn't need to be fixed to the counter top.

Available in A4 and A3 sizes, the DeskWindo® Series 5 is a great addition to any counter. 

Inserts are not included, however can also be bought from Matting Solutions. 

*Minimum order for this product is 10


A4 - Product size 232 x 313mm Insert: 210 x 297mm 

A3 - Product size 319 x 436mm Insert: 297 x 420mm


Surface: Polyethylene terephthalate glycol - Matte finish 

Backing: Thermo plastic elastomere 

Thickness: 3mm

Care: Wipe down 

Area: Best suited in dry areas 

Min Order: 10 units