Electrically Conductive Anti-Static and Anti-Fatigue Matting

Speciality Matting , Electrically Conductive Mats


Electrically Conductive Mat will drain away any static from your staff while also giving them an Anti-fatigue mat for long standing days!

This mat is specifically designed with either grounding cords or anti-static plug adaptors to ensure that there is no static around that may interfere with the computer equipment in the area.

One static shock can destroy Micro-processors or cause a static fire. Also a great mat for working with chemicals to drain any electricity in the air.

If you are working with computers, cash registers, or any products that have computer chips this is a great mat to stop harmful electricity.

*Grounding cords and anti static plugs extra.


900mm x 1500mm

900mm x 22.8 metres

Per metre cut to length x 900mm wide

Snap Lock Grounding Cord and Anti- Static Plug Adaptor sold separately


Colours:Black Mat, Black Cord
Warranty:3 year Conditional